Monomethylamine – (CH₃)NH₂

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EC No: 200-820-0
CAS No: 74-89-5
EC name: methylamine
IUPAC name: methylamine
Trade name: Monomethylamine
Synonyms: Aminomethane, Methanamine, Methylamine
Physical appearance: aqueous solution

Monomethylamine aqueous solution is a clear, colourless solution with a water content of 60 %.
The product is extremely flammable and any kind of exposure is immediately noticeable by an ammonia-like odour (fishy).
Direct contacts with this product and vapour have to be avoided in any case.

Raw material for chemical synthesis
Only for industrial purposes

  • As intermediate in the synthesis of:
    – Pharmaceutical products
    – Pesticides
    – Surfactants
    – Photographic Developers
    – Explosives
  • Solvents such as N-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidone
  • As mediate reaction accelerator for textile dying
  • Production of paint
  • Paint residue remover
  • Polymerization inhibitor
  • In the driving mechanisms of rockets
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