Sodium Thiosulphate

Sodium Thiosulphate Photgraphic Grade – Na₂S₂O₃·5H₂O

The product is not yet available. This applies also to the Technical Data Sheet.

EC No: 231-867-5
CAS No: 10102-17-7
EC name: sodium thiosulphate
IUPAC name: disodium thiosulfate
Trade name: Sodium Thiosulphate
Synonyms: Fixing natron, Hyposulfite of soda, Hypo, thiosulfiric acid, disodium salt, Pentahydrate, Sodium thiosulfate-5-hydrate, fixing salt, “Sodium Hyposulfite”, dithionous sulphuric sodium, Antichlor, Hyposulfite, Natron
Physical appearance: odourless, white crystals

Sodium thiosulfate is the stable sodium salt of the thiosulfate sulphuric acid being instable in free state.
It contains 5 moles of water of crystallization and thus forms colourless crystals with no odor.
This chemical substance can be handled safely and is easily soluble in water.


  • in the pharmaceutical industry as an antidote against cyanide poisoning
  • in the galvanic industry for gold and silver plating baths
  • in the photographic industry as fixing salt
  • in the paper industry and waste gas- and waste water-treatment (antichlor)
  • in the leather industry as a tanning help
  • in the textile industry with the dying and printing as a mordant
  • in the chemical industry
  • in the detergent industry
  • in the building industry as a cement additive
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