Sodium Bisulphate

Sodium Bisulphate (Sodium Hydrogensulphate) Food Grade E 514 ii – NaHSO₄

EC No: 231-665-7
CAS No: 7681-38-1
EC name: sodium hydrogensulphate
IUPAC name: sodium hydrogen sulfate
Trade name: Sodium Bisulphate
Synonyms: Sodium acid sulphate; Sodium pyrosulphate; Sodium Hydrogensulphate; Sulfuric acid, monosodium salt
Physical appearance: dry, anhydrous, crystalline solid pearls, white

Sodium Hydrogensulphate is a white, crystalline and spherical shaped (beads) substance with high hygroscopic properties.
The single beads have an approximate diameter of 0,75 mm.
It is an acid salt, a so called solid acid.
Solutions of Sodium Hydrogensulphate are caustic and on metal they have a corrosive effect.


  • Cleaning industry: – cleaning agent in household (WC cleaning powder), cleaning agent for dairies and industry
  • Waste water/Water industry: – for the adjustment of the pH value (decreasing – also suitable for pool water)
  • Technical/Chem. industry: – for the dehydration of Castor oil (as solid acid)
  • Textile industry: – for bleaching and dyeing of wool as auxiliary agent / spinning of viscose (as an additive to spinning baths) / improvement of colour retention when using dicyandiamide
  • Optics: – for technical glass and polishing and grinding agent
  • Caoutchouc: – for the reprocessing of used caoutchouc
  • Leather industry: – for the bleaching and swelling of skins
  • Metal industry: – for the pickling of metals (as flux)
  • Mineral oil industry: – for extracting nitrogen compounds from hydrogencarbons
  • Treatment of litter/manure on poultry farms

The following certificates are available for this product:
Food Grade
Feed Grade

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