Sodium Persulphate

Sodium Persulphate – Na₂S₂O₈

EC No: 231-892-1
CAS No: 7775-27-1
EC name: disodium peroxodisulphate
IUPAC name: disodium peroxodisulphate
Trade name: Sodium Persulphate
Synonyms: Fine etching crystal, Sodium-µ-peroxo-bis(trioxosulphate)
Physical appearance: white crystals

Sodium Persulphate is an odourless, white, crystalline salt and it is almost non-hygroscopic.
Optional delivery can be made with silicic acid. (0,3 % or 0,5 %)
It is a strong oxidizer and releases sulfuric acid when decomposing.
Additionally, due to its high purity it has a good storage stability and it can be easily and safely handled.
It is free of ammonium ions due to the production process.
The product is not flammable but highly oxidizing.


  • Initiator for the emulsion or solution polymerization of acrylic monomers, vinyl acetate, vinyl chloride etc. and for the emulsion co-polymerization of styrene, acrylonitrile, butadiene etc.
  • Oxidizing agent, used in cleaning and pickling of metal surfaces, accelerated curing of low formaldehyde adhesives and modification of starch, production of binders and coating materials.
  • Desizing agent and bleach activator. It is an essential component of bleaching formulations for hair cosmetics.
  • Chemical synthesis.
  • Non-biocidal shock treatment in swimming pools and other recreational waters.
  • Pulp and paper board manufacture.
  • Textile processing and in the photographic industry.
  • Applications in other reactions requiring an oxidizing agent.
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