REACH Certification


Since the REACH legislation (EC 1907/2006) has come into force we have fulfilled all our pre-registration and registration obligations for all substances that are imported in the different tonnage bands. We are acting as IMPORTER in the REACH supply chain.

For our substances there are different deadlines valid for the registration (2010, 2013 and 2018).

We are pleased to inform you that all products that fall under the deadline of 01.December 2010 have been successfully registered by us within this deadline. This applies to the Persulphates as well as those SO2-products and Methylamines with the highest tonnage quantity >1000 t.

In 2013 further products within the tonnage band >100 t -

In the meantime all sulphur compounds have been registered. In 2015 we also successfully registered Monomethylamine and Sodium Percarbonate as well our our newest product Cocoamidopropyl-Betain.

Future registration obligations for possible new products or the smallest tonnage quantity will continue to be fulfilled by us and will be published here after successful completion.


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