Trimethylamine Hydrochloride

Trimethylamine Hydrochloride ca. 68,5 % solution – (CH₃)₃NHCL

EC No: 209-810-0
CAS No: 593-81-7
EC name: trimethylammonium chloride
IUPAC name: N,N-dimethylmethanaminium chloride
Trade name: Trimethylamine Hydrochloride
Synonyms: Trimethylammonium Chloride
Physical appearance: liquid, colourless to yellow

Trimethylamine Hydrochloride is a colourless to yellow, clear solution with an amine odour.
It is completely miscible in water.
The neutralization of Trimethylamine Hydrochloride with a base in open air has to be avoided by all means, because under this condition Trimethylamine will be released which is extremely flammable, harmful and of a very bad smell.

The main use for Trimethylamine Hydrochloride is the production of vitamin B4 (choline chloride), where it is acting as an intermediate.
It is also used for the production of CHPT (chlorohydroxypropyltrimethylammoniumchloride).
CPHT is used as a reagent for the production of cationic starch, which in return is used in the paper industry.