Sodium Bisulphite

Sodium Bisulphite (Sodium Hydrogensulphite) 38,5 – 40% solution

EC No: 31-548-0
CAS No: 7631-90-5
EC name: sodium hydrogensulfite
IUPAC name: sodium hydrogensulfite
Trade names: Sodium Bisulfite, Sodium Hydrogensulfite, Sulfurous acid, monosodium salt (8CI, 9CI), Hydrogen sodium sulfite, Monosodium sulfite, Sodium acid sulfite
Synonyms: Sodium Hydrogensulfite
Physical appearance: clear, slightly yellow solution

Sodium Bisulphite solution is a clear, slightly yellow liquid.
This solution has a strong odour of Sulphur Dioxide.
Sodium Bisulphite solution oxidizes when released to air.

Chemical base material – only for industrial purposes.

  • Production and industrial use
  • In chemical synthesis as a catalyst for the production of sulfonates, pesticides, herbicides, etc.
  • Use as photographic chemicals
  • Manufacturing of textiles (bleaching of fibers, in the dyeing as a fixative), leather (for pet hair removal), furs
  • Sugar (as guarantor for sterile conditions), electroplating, adhesives industry
  • Water desalination (reverse osmosis to remove leaking chlorine) and for maintaining membranes
  • Bacteriostatic in starch production
  • Disinfectant in the manufacture of cellulose ester
  • Disinfectant in fermentation process
  • Disinfectant in the cosmetic and can industry
  • Manufacturing of rubber and plastic products
  • Use as a bleaching agent in the paper industry
  • Production and processing of wood and wood products
  • Manufacturing of food products (conservation, antioxidants)
  • Water treatment, mining (including offshore industry), treatment of metal surfaces
  • Manufacturing of synthetic fibers
  • Additive for cement
  • Chemicals for agriculture, fertilizers
  • Food (E 222) and feed additive
  • Use in ink eraser

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